Indian rats chew 1.2 million cash inside ATM and Nigerians are also shocked

rats chew money cash inside ATM

Nigerians on social media are expressing shock over news that a group of Indian rats ate an amount of 1.2 million rupees in an ATM under one week.

Technicians who arrived to fix the malfunctioning cash machine in the Indian state of Assam got a shock when they opened it up to discover all the money inside where gone thanks to the group of rats.

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Money notes worth more than 1.2m Indian rupees (£13,300; $17,600) had been shredded and the suspected culprits are the rats.

rats chew 1.2 million cash inside ATM
Rats chew 1.2 million cash inside ATM

Police said the rodents probably entered the machine through a hole for wiring, the Hindustan Times reported.

Pictures of the chewed cash at the State Bank of India branch in Tinsukia district were widely shared on Twitter with Nigerians, in particular, expressing shock. Some asked the rats to relocate to Nigeria and join their snake colleagues who swallowed over 37 million naira.

One of the pictures shows a dead rat lying in the debris of cash.

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Technicians who took the unit apart found banknotes of 2,000 and 500 rupee denominations destroyed. They managed to salvage other 1.7m rupees, officials said.


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