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Aaron Motsoaledi

South Africa Health Minister reportedly bans doggy style during sex, says it causes teenage...

South Africa Health Minister, Aaron Motsoaledi has cautioned South African men to desist from the "doggy style" saying this lovemaking style is leading cause of teenage pregnancies, cancer, stroke and back pains for adults. According to Aaron...
causes of gonorrhoea

What is Gonorrhoea? causes, symptoms, complications and treatment

Gonorrhoea, also spelt gonorrhea is a globally prevalent sexually transmitted infection (STI) in both men and women caused by Neisseria gonococcus, affecting especially the mucous membrane of the URETHRA in the male and that...
Dental education in ghana

‘ Dental education low in Ghana ’ – London Dental School Dean

Dr George Nana Brown, Dean of City of London Dental School Post Graduate Programme in West Africa has observed that the neglect of dental education in Ghana was increasing general disease burden. He said the...
nervous stomach

Nervous Stomach — Causes and treatments

Have you ever felt like butterflies fluttered around in your stomach? This is the way people describe nervous stomach. A nervous stomach is one example of how a person's emotions can affect their body. Even though...

Life-changing reasons to drink enough water

Our body is made up of roughly 60% water. This means when we are dehydrated, we are affecting the performance of the majority of our body by not drinking water. Without the proper water intake, our systems do...

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