Aisha, girl in leaked tape finally speaks

Aisha video leaked

A young girl, Aisha who is at the centre of a leaked video has spoken for the first time after the video went viral on social media.

Ghanaians are still wondering how the young girl in the leaked seks video was able to handle 3 guys at the same time in the leaked atopa video.

The girl known as Aisha who was seen in the 1 minute 26 seconds video been ‘boned’ by two boys, has disclosed that she had no knowledge that she was being recorded by the guys.

According to Ayisha in an audio, it was her mother who sent the video to her on Whatsapp.

“Everyone is just insulting me, it’s not like I knew about the video, I didn’t even know. It was even my mom who sent it to me and everyone is just saying Bullshit and crap to me. I don’t even know what to do again”. Ayisha said in a teary voice.

Listen to Aisha speaking below:


  1. Comment:Aisha this is not the end of your life but just take care cause u must know that u r having enemies who want to bring u down and disgrace u

  2. Ah but she knew they were taking a video so what did she expect!?.. allowing yourself yourself to be banged by 4 guys paaaa ei

  3. Comment:The only thing I will say to you is to find Jesus Christ and give your life to does not end there you must also leave your life in the right way.That’s the best thing you can do find Christ now

  4. Honestly speaking, it was very unfair to do that to any girl without her knowledge. Nonetheless, it has happened And I entreat Aisha to put her torn apart pieces together And say ‘never again’ .
    Behold, God Almighty will forgive you
    and clean your sheet
    and you will pure
    and white as snow
    for a brighter future.
    Be strong Aisha. God Almighty is with you.


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