Video of 3 boys ‘bonking’ a St. Louis SHS girl [Watch Video]

aisha atopa video

A video has been circulating on social media that portrays 3 young guys taking turns to ‘bonk’ a student allegedly to be a former student of St Louis SHS by name Aisha.

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Without the knowledge of the girl, these boys captured themselves heavily enjoying the foursome.

From the video, one held the camera to shoot the whole scene, whilst the other two young guys enjoy themselves as they kept switching in turns.

According to sources reaching us, the boys intentionally released the video online as payback to humiliate the girl.

It has also been alleged that Aisha is a very popular girl on Snapchat who enjoys such a lifestyle.

Watch the video below:

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Unfortunately, this video has been deleted. Airnewsonline does not upload such videos since it’s against our privacy policy.


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