NABCO is a demotion, cheat and unfair policy for private nurses — Coalition

president launch nabco

The Coalition of Private Unemployed nurses has kicked against the Nations Builders Corps (NABCO). The Coalition is of the view that, NABCO is a demotion for them hence they will not apply to work under the Heal Ghana Module.

Speaking to Kwame Tutu in an interview on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, organizer for the Coalition, Mr. Ampadu Otchere said, it is obligatory for government to employ them because the brochure from the Ghana Health Service (GHS), has stated that, private nurses are to be employed by government when they complete school accredited by the state.

According to him, the Builders Corps is not the solution to the unemployment situation and government seems to be taking them for granted. “The ruling NPP wants to drag us back because after completing National Service, you are expected to be employed by the government. However, this government is on trying to drag us back. You are not paying tax or social security benefits and you want us to apply for NABCO. This is total cheating because after three years of service, you have to be promoted and get some benefits but this NABCO is a demotion. We will not agree to it nor apply,” he said.

President Akufo-Addo on Tuesday launched NABCO. With module qualification and recruitment processes, and all the essential criteria, along with detailed information, all available on the website of NABCO (, the President noted that the website is the only medium for receiving applications from graduates, as long as they are Ghanaian citizens, and have duly discharged their national service obligations.

“There are no charges or costs, and no paper application forms to fill. Everything is being done online, and on the website of NABCO. This will optimise efficiency in the processing of applications, as well as afford the opportunity for checking with other available, national databases to prevent fraud,” he added.

The President continued, “With the application processes closing on 1st June 2018, it is expected that, by 1st July, selected applicants would become this country’s first NABCO trainees, who will receive training and will be deployed to commence their work by 1st August 2018.”

For the attainment of equity and fairness, the President noted that every constituency has a stated allocation out of the 100,000 placements, which has been worked out based on a weighting formula, thus, ensuring all constituencies, large or small, adequate representation.

Remuneration With the ultimate aim being to help guarantee employability of these graduates, placements would last for a period of three (3) years, earning NABCO trainees a stipend of 700 Ghana cedis every month.

“This is a modest, but important beginning towards the restoration of their dignity. Beneficiaries will also receive continuous skills training, and retraining on the job, both to equip and guide their future career paths,” the President stated.

He noted further that the security offered by this graduate employment scheme implies that graduates have sufficient time to make prudent choices on their future entry into the labour market, on potential interests of starting businesses and entrepreneurship, or even on definitive clarity on further learning options, guided by experiences and the benefit of exposure to the world of work.


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