Fans of Fella Makafui blast her over her hairstyle in latest photo

Fella Makafui new hairstyle

Actress and entrepreneur Fella Makafui has come under serious ”bashing” from her fans after changing her hair colour to blue.

Fans of the actress have lambasted and accused her of following the crowd when she needed to do things her own way.

Some of the comments under the picture reads…

goldishands_gh: “Kai kai”.

baapanhaa: “Bad oo bad.”

im_just_plain_“People who really like you, will tell you the truth.. it’s not everything you follow the crowd in doing ♀.. Dyeing your hair blue was a bad idea.♀.”

empress6565: “Someone should tell her I dnt like the hair period.”

owusutrishia: “I really like u but to b sincere this hairstyle does not suits u not all..X a free world tho u can do whatever u wnt but note dnt do tins pple ‘ll say badly tins abt u or ‘ll talk..hairstyle isn’t nyx..yr beauty doesn’t fit ur hairstyle it makes u odd gal.” 

Not long ago, Fella was in the news following an alleged ‘adult’ tape released by her angry boyfriend to disgrace her.

See photos of Fella in her new hairstyle below:

Fella Makafui new hairstyle
Fella Makafui new hairstyle
fella makafui hairstyle
Fella Makafui new hairstyle

fella new hairstyle


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