Your boyfriend must pay you for s*x – Juliet Ibrahim to ladies

Your boyfriend must pay you for sex Juliet ibrahim

Actress Juliet Ibrahim has reached a level where she thinks boyfriends must pay their girlfriends for s*x.

Juliet shared a short video (a movie in which she featured) on her Instagram wall, which sees a mother asking her daughter if she means she slept with a man without taking anything?

In the video the mother told the daughter :

“You slept with a man for free in these hard times , get up right now , go back to his house and tell him to pay you . Tell him nothing in this world is for free”

Juliet captioned the video: ““Nothing in this world is for free… 👀🤣😂🤣😂😂 advice of the century #nollywood”
Pointing to the fact that ladies must take money from their boyfriends after s*x.

Perhaps, the screen goddess realised this after her Nigerian Boo, Iceberg Slim tore her heart apart.


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