An open letter to Hon. Osei Frimpong – Mp Abirem Constituency

Hon. Osei Frimpong
Hon. Osei Frimpong

Dear Hon. Osei Frimpong (Mp Abirem Constituency )

Honourable, it is with much joy that I am writing you this letter. Today is a great day and a great day is today. Just some few weeks ago, you brought out a write up addressing your constituents which I am part. In the said write up, you told us to be patient with you for you’re not sleeping on the job as we may think. You further went on to blame the less development of our constituency on lack of availability of the common fund.

You were emphatic, you told us the first quarter of 2018 hasn’t been received yet. Other analogies were drawn by you which I totally disagreed with you. Comparing your political leadership position with that of our family leadership was so wrong. I made u know the constituents didn’t give you the mandate to come and complain to us because that isn’t leadership. Especially when the electorates rejected a whole regional minister to give you the opportunity to serve even though you’re a fresh face in national politics compared to the then regional minister who had risen through the ranks, from DCE to deputy regional minister then later substantive minister. For once you made the electorates felt they have made a mistake after you brought out that write up.

Hallelujah! God is great, Honourable when I say God is great I believe you understand so, just this week you had a great day at Parliament, if I may be right, it was your first time speaking in the August house.(I stand to be corrected) You had the opportunity to ask the Minister of Energy a question which today has brought a huge publicity to the Abirem Constituency. And the mentioned villages, Kyiri Ahantan, 3tw3nwinso, 3tw3 nim nyansa, Kote y3 aboa, hwoa y3 m)b) and the likes.

Honourable I must say your delivery was good, though the names of the villages are weird, it takes a good communicator to mention these names. In fact, if you’re not courageous, you can’t speak the Twi language. Our constituency is the talk of town this week, every media house is talking about it.

You’re a step into real leadership with your question this week, however, it will be clearly shown to the world when you’re able to translate this fame into development of the aforementioned villages and the whole constituency at large. As I said in my critic to you write up in weeks back, a good leader should have the ability to lobby at all times.

Honourable Osei Frimpong, Arise and shine for your light has come. This is the right time to show real leadership, the time to approach NGO, Churches, Cooperate bodies and Government to lobby for projects for the Abirem Constituency especially the above villages. They need good roads, electricity, boreholes, street lights and proper place of convinience.
Honourable to whom much is given much is expected. Always remember there is nothing like free lunch. The hype the media is giving to you and the constituency is not free so don’t get swollen headed they will surely hold you accountable sooner than later.

Prove your critics wrong and give the electorates reasons to believe in you.
Leadership is a call to duty, not a call to complain.

Thank you

Emmanuel Nyarko Otchere

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