Obinim’s congregation jam to Pope Skinny’s song during service [Watch Video]

obinim jams to obinim sticker

Controversial Ghanaian preacher, Bishop Daniel Obinim got his congregation ‘boiling’ when he requested for Obinim Sticker, a song composed by Pope Skinny to be played during a live church service.

The founder and leader of the International Godsway Church in a new viral video has been seen jamming to Pope Skinny’s new single, titled “Obinim Sticker” featuring Trigmatic and Captain Planet of 4×4 fame.

“Obinim Sticker” was released in April after some shocking testimonials about the miracles Obinim’s stickers have performed for his church members went viral online.

Obinim earlier endorsed the song during a live broadcast of his church service but now, he has taken the song to another level.

pope skinny
Pope Skinny

In the new 7 minutes video, Obinim requested the song to be played during one of his recent church activities.

He sang the song on a live instrumental before the recorded verse was played.

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Watch the full video below.


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