Mozilla building a voice-controlled web browser called Scout

Mozilla Project Scout

Mozilla is reported to be working on a browser called Scout that will be operated on voice commands instead of standard inputs obtained from mouse and keyboard.

The project dubbed Scout; would focus on accessibility and would allow users to browse the web without using a touchscreen and other input devices like keyboard or mouse.

According to Mozilla,  the maker of the Firefox web browser, a voice-controlled browser could open up a new way to use the web, and also help users with vision problems who today rely on screen readers and other difficult fixes to use the internet.

The idea was revealed in an ‘All-Hands meeting’ which was organized this week for discussing the project Scout in detail.

“We use our internal All Hands conference to come together so we can plan and build for the future,” Mozilla said.

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The browser would not only open the requested page but would also scroll pages with voice commands and read aloud the content for users.

No specific details have been released about the voice-controlled browser since it is said to be in the very early stages of development, CNET reported.


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