Mahama trolls NPP, Freddie Blay over 275 buses

Freddie Blay 275 buses

Former President John Mahama has mocked the acting National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Freddie Blay, over the supposed funding of $11 million loan facility from Universal Merchant Bank (UMB) to purchase 275 buses for party constituency executives.

UMB, formerly known as Merchant Bank, was alleged by the leading figures of the NPP to have been sold to the ex-president’s brother, Ibrahim Mahama.

The ex-president’s brother was accused of taking a loan facility from the bank but was unable to refund the money, leading to the bank having liquidity challenges. The bank was then sold to him, according to his critics.

Commenting on the revelation by Mr Blay’s spokesperson that UMB financed the purchase of the buses, Mr Mahama mocked if his brother’s bank actually financed the purchase of the buses.

John Mahama tweeted: “I thought Merchant Bank was sold to my brother, Ibrahim? So Ibrahim Mahama’s bank financed the 275 buses for Blay & NPP? LOL!”

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The purchase of the buses has generated controversy ahead of the party’s annual delegates conference to elect new national executives.

Many political watchers have described the move as a vote buying antics.


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