iPhone X gold images revealed in a leak by FCC

iPhone X Gold Elite

While iPhone 8 and 8 Plus got a new red colour, now it seems that the new colour variant of iPhone X might actually be coming. As Federal Communications Committee – the U.S. agency that approves the devices for sale – recently published some photos that appear to be of the iPhone X Gold which in fact, hasn’t been announced as of yet.

This leak from FCC can either simply mean that all the previous rumours of a gold-coloured iPhone were true and now, it’s on its way or it could be that this particular colour was perhaps cancelled, as the photos are not new and are dated back to September to October 2017. The published document, however, was publicly released earlier this month, April 2018.

iphone x gold

iphone x gold 2One thing that could back this up in being claimed as the new colour of iPhone X is that in the document the phone is modelled as ‘A1903’ and we know that current iPhone X models have identifiers ‘A1865’, ‘A1901’, and ‘A1902’. Other than this, the pictures too quite resemble an iPhone X, but the colour doesn’t look much like the rumoured blush gold, instead, it is similar to the colour of gold iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

iphone x gold full

On the other hand, there is one thing really bugging that a photo mentions ‘LCD display’ rather than an OLED panel which iPhone X features, bringing in another speculation that this might not even be an iPhone X at all. Words are that it could be the rumoured ‘low-cost’ Apple smartphone with some features like iPhone X, but then if that’s true then it wouldn’t be that much cheap as the leaked images include stainless steel and dual-cam setup.


Or finally, it could be just a prototype from Apple that has already bitten the dust and would never see the face of the world. If in case, it is the legitimate variant of iPhone X, then it would indeed be something to get your hands on.

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