Government still discussing sources of funding for NABCO – Official hints

funding nabco

An official from the office of the Vice President has hinted that source of funding NABCO is still a discussion ongoing by the local government ministry.

“Not only district common fund that is being looked at but also government is looking at other sources of funding to make sure that this initiative will not be just a one day wonder but it will be will be sustained”, Dr Samuel Frimpong told the state broadcaster, GBC Radio in an interview on the program behind the news.

He also indicated the government has not confirmed yet the actual percentage that would be coming from the District Assemblies Common Fund because discussions are still ongoing.

“As to the percentage that would be coming from the District common fund, I can’t confirm that”, he said.

When asked why government would go ahead to launch the program since it has not laid hands on anything for the project to be sustained, Mr. Frimpong explained that, “for political will of any initiative, government is capable of making sure that project the is well carried out and this (NABCO) is no exception. When there is a will there is a way” he noted.

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Speaking with confidence, Dr Frimpong indicated that government is capable of making sure this initiative goes on successfully adding that the policy document has been done and cabinet had also approved it.

According to him, the government is putting measures in place to make sure things are done and done right, revealing the government allocated money for the project in the 2018 budget but as to how many percent district assemblies are to use in funding is still under discussion.


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