David Dontoh condemns renaming of movie industry to Gollywood

David Dontoh condemns renaming of movie industry to Gollywood
David Dontoh

Veteran actor David Dontoh says he does not support the renaming of the Ghana movie industry to Gollywood.

According to him, the new name is alien and does not in any way give a sense of identity to movies produced in the country.

He expressed disappointment with the decision to go in for such a name, saying such ‘copy-cat’ attitudes must stop.

“I don’t subscribe to the name ‘ Gollywood ‘ because I don’t know where it’s coming from. If it’s the ‘G’ in the name, it could be Guinea or Gambia,” David Dontoh said, whiles speaking on The Zone show on Starr FM.

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“I think we’re just trying to reinvent the wheel. The one who created Ghanaian film called it Ghana Film (film from Ghana). So I don’t know why we’re trying to follow people because everyone has a ‘Wood’ in their name.”

The veteran actor urged local movie producers to focus on producing movies that identify with Ghanaians, rather than a mere name change.

According to him, until Ghanaians begin to love local movies, it cannot be said that the movie industry has developed.

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“Show movies for our own people to appreciate and that’s when I can say we have a movie industry but until that is done, I can’t say we have an industry,” he added.


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