Chelsea fan in Raheem Sterling ‘racism’ row breaks silence

Chelsea racist fan suspended

The Chelsea fan at the centre of the Raheem Sterling racism row has finally apologised to the Man City forward.

Chelsea yesterday suspended four people from attending matches as police began  investigating the alleged racial abuse during Man City’s 2-0 loss at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

The Chelsea fan at the centre of this row, Colin Wing, 60, told the Daily Mail:

“I’m deeply ashamed by my own behaviour and I feel really bad.

“But I didn’t call him a black c***, I called him a Manc c***.”

Mr Colin Wing revealed that he had lost his job and was one of the four fans whose season ticket had been suspended.

Colin Wing suspended from Stamford Bridge | Airnewsonline
Colin Wing 

He added: “I was completely out of order, but I’ve lost my job and my season ticket now so everybody’s got what they wanted. So why can’t they leave me alone?”

Footage showed a group of home fans shouting at Sterling as he retrieved the ball for a corner, with one allegedly calling the forward a ‘black c***’.

The club viewed the footage from a variety of angles and used lip-readers to try and confirm the exact words spoken.

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A statement from the club read:

“Our investigations into this matter are ongoing. We are fully supporting the police investigation and any information we gather will be passed on to them.

Chelsea Football Club finds all forms of discriminatory behaviour abhorrent and if there is evidence of ticket holders taking part in any racist behaviour, the club will issue severe sanctions, including bans.”


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