6 reasons why President Akufo-Addo needs Obinim’s ‘miracle sticker’

akufo addo needs miracle sticker

Controversial Ghanaian Bishop, Daniel Obinim has for many times found himself on the wrong side of the media over the years. The founder of International God’s Way Church has been trolled severally on various social media platforms for some actions many deem it inappropriate.

However, the religious leader appears not bothered about his detractors as he continues to issue some controversial and weird spiritual directions to his Church members. Obinim who was once exposed in a leaked tape for sleeping with the wife of one of his junior pastors was some time back trolled after being arrested and handcuffed by the police for vandalizing the studio of an Accra-based radio station. The controversial Bishop was also grilled sometime back after he made a request from female members of his congregations to bring him their used underwears and braziers for some spiritual exercise. Despite all the incessant attacks and backlash, Obinim has come up on social media trends after inventing what has now become the ‘miracle sticker’.

Some members of his congregation who were captured on tape recently sharing their testimonies after using the ‘miracle stickers’ gave some weird accounts of how the sticker is transforming their lives. The weird testimonies of the church members have caught the attention of many social media users including the former British High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin, to ‘mock’ him in a latest social media challenge, ‘ObinimSticker’ The ‘ObinimStickerChallenge’ which is currently trending on various social media platform is said to be capable of ‘bringing heaven on earth’.

Some social media users in hilarious comments say that President Akufo-Addo is probably the man who currently needs ‘Obinim’s sticker the most to curb many of Ghana’s economic issues.

1 Create more jobs

May social media users in hilarious comments are calling on President Akufo-Addo to quickly grab a copy of Obinim’s sticker in order to ‘conjure’ millions of jobs for the teaming Ghanaian employed youth.

2 One District-One factory

Other social media fans who have joined the ‘ObinimStickerChallenge’ are arguing that the fastest means by President Nana Addo to fulfill his One District-One Factory promise is to apply Obinim’s miracle ‘sticker’.

3 One village-One dam

Others say Ghanaian farmers would have been enjoying the NPP’s One-village-one dam policy if Nana Addo had called for the miracle sticker.

4 Arrest fallen cedi

Besides, other social media users are calling on the president to arrest the depreciation of the Ghana cedi with Obinim’s sticker.

5 Solve Ghana’s economy

Some social media fans are calling on President Nana Addo to immediately resort to Obinim’s ‘miracle sticker’ to solve Ghana’s numerous economic problems.

6 Win next election

President Nana will definitely need the Obinim’s sticker to further widen the margin between the NPP and the NDC in the next election.


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