5 reasons why Shatta Wale is 10 times better than Stonebwoy

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Perhaps the long-standing feud in the music industry is that of dancehall musicians Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale.

The two have been fighting each other over who deserves the title “Dancehall King” of Ghana.

While Shatta Wale believes he is the best for that title, Stonebwoy has opposed, claiming that he is the best to ever happen to dancehall music in Ghana.

Their feud has escalated to the extent that fans and followers have waded into the fight, and have attacked their opposing musician.

The latest attack from Shatta Wale camp is he calling Stonebwoy a one-legged cripple, hinting that he would soon release a track entitled:

“No mercy for the cripple”. Stonebwoy responded to Shatta Wale, saying that he is happy his parents did not name him Charles because it is a name for pigs.

But as there is a winner for every competition, definitely between the two musicians, there is the leader.

Here, YEN.com.gh brings you 5 reasons why Stonebwoy cannot compare himself with Shatta Wale for the dancehall king title.

1. Industry presence: Here, we are talking about the artiste who has been in the industry before the other came in.

It is no secret that Shatta Wale is the fore-runner as compared with Stonebwoy. Shatta Wale has been in the industry since the early 2000s with the brand name “Bandana”.

He collaborated with a lot of musicians in those days including Tinny, to sing “Bandana from Ghana”,”No Problem”, and many others.

All that while, Stonebwoy was nowhere to be found on the music scene. Perhaps he was an underground musician, but still, no one knew him as at the time Shatta Wale was making waves.

2. Crowd: When it comes to who pulls the mammoth crowd between the two, it is obvious that Shatta Wale stands tall.

It is common to have more people patronizing shows where Shatta Wale has been billed to perform than where Stonebwoy is to perform. Crowds also chant Shatta Wale’s name more than Stonebwoy.

When it comes to fan base too, Shatta Wale has the larger following on social media than Stonebwoy.

3. Prominence: It is no secret that Shatta Wale is given more prominence than Stonebwoy.

For instance, during his signing at Zylofon in January this year, Ghanaians witnessed the massive publicity that heralded Shatta Wale’s signing, and after.

That event occupied and overshadowed all activities in the entertainment industry for some time.

Meanwhile, nobody heard that Stonebwoy had joined Zylofon. Even if it had some publicity, it cannot be compared to what Shatta Wale enjoyed.

4. Riches and fame: Everyone or the majority of Ghanaians are aware that Shatta Wale is more popular than Stonebwoy, and also richer than him.

This is for the fact that Shatta Wale is the highest paid musician in the industry currently.

Even last year December, Shatta Wale charged his own friend and colleague, Sarkodie a colossal amount of GHC200,000. (2 billion old cedis) to perform at his Rapperholic Concert. Till now, Stonebwoy’s ‘price’ is not really known.

5. High profile: Shatta Wale is the only musician in the history of Ghana Music Industry who has been honoured by a sitting President.

He was invited the Flagstaff House, currently known as the Jubilee House, by President Akufo Addo, on the occasion of Wale’s birthday.

He received a special gift of the Coat of Arm from the President as his birthday gift.

After Shatta Wale’s visit to the presidency, Stonebwoy has “begged” the President to invite him too, but his plea seems not heard by the President as at now.

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