Ye picks up homeless rapper Nino Blu off the street into the studio

Ye picks up homeless rapper Nino Blu off the street into the studio

American rapper and entrepreneur Kanye West, now known as Ye, literally plucked a young homeless rapper, Nino Blu, off the street of New York City and brought him into the recording studio on Saturday.

Nino Blu
Nino Blu

This all began when Nino Blu spotted West walking by on the street and decided to start dropping some rhymes in an effort to get his attention. Kanye was obviously impressed.

‘He heard me rap, he let me rap to him and he says I have good energy and he’s gonna show me some beats,’ the young man, who goes by the name of Nino Blu, said in a video clip posted on West’s Instagram.

‘I don’t have any words to describe what’s going on. It feels like a crazy a** miracle,’ he added.

‘Actually my birthday was the other day and I just became homeless because the guy I was living with was a little crazy and I’m out here on the street.’

All while explaining his plight to the streets, the young man kept a positive attitude and even offered some words of wisdom.

‘I just want everyone to know back there that if you have dream or you have anything you feel you are pursuing, keep going for that s*** until the very end because you don’t know what potentially could happen. The universe work in some very mysterious ways. I feel very blessed with Kanye West.’

West ended the video with a brief message: ‘All love.’


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