Wondering how much Shatta Wale made from his Reign Album Concert? Check it out!

Benardio Oneside accuses shatta wale

As the Dancehall King of Africa, people are still wondering how much Shatta Wale made from his Reign Album Concert.

The much-anticipated launch of Shatta Wale’s second album, ‘Reign’ dubbed ‘Shatta Wale Reign’ concert, took place at the Fantasy Dome at the Accra Trade Fair Centre on Saturday, October 13, 2018.

It’s undebatable that Shatta Wale is one of the richest musicians in Ghana hence it will be simply unpardonable for Airnewsonline.com to ignore the addition he will be making to his already climbing wealth at his Reign Album Launch.

With a successful launch of his Reign Album at the fantasy dome, Shatta Wale is really looking quite good financially.

Tickets were sold for ghs20 and ghs50 for contemporary and VIP respectfully.

With an estimated number of 19,270 fans joining and supporting his Reign Album concert, Shatta Wale is likely to be hitting a region of GHS 385,400 – which is $80,397 or more.

Reign Album launch | Airnewsonline
 Wondering how much Shatta Wale made from his Reign Album Concert?

We multiplied the contemporary tickets by the number to have been present at the venue (19,270 fans).

Which obviously leaves a wide gap of monies Shatta Wale could be taking home. We believed definitely more people would buy the ghs20 tickets but assuming, if just about 30 per cent of the audience bought the Gringo tickets which sold for ghs50 — that would be quite some decent money Shatta Wale could be sending home.

Reign album in pictures | Airnewsonline
Wondering how much Shatta Wale made from his Reign Album Concert?

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Shatta Movement has shown immense love and showed the Ghanaian music industry that their King really reigns! This is how you support a movement! Respect!!!!!! #SM4LYF


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