Shocking! Women now injecting ‘Maggie cube’ into their butts for backside enlargements

chicken stock injections

It has been reported that women in Congo, have discovered an unorthodox way of increasing the size of their ‘behinds’ using chicken stock – mostly known as ‘cube’ in African settings.

In the video, a woman believed to be a Congolese was teaching a reporter how to go about the process.

Women now injecting maggie cube into their butts for backside enlargements

She revealed that the food seasoning had to be dissolved in water and be injected with the help of a syringe.

She went ahead to demonstrate how the procedure was done to the surprise of the reporter. According to the lady, the new craze of using chicken stock as a body enhancement drug had many side effects.

She went on to confess that she was told by a doctor to desist from the act since it could have an adverse effect on the body including causing heart complications.

A survey which was carried out by the reporter revealed that the practice had become very popular among women in the region with many people opting for it since it was relatively cheaper than other forms of enhancements.

A woman who was interviewed in the video revealed that she was well aware of the process and that it was fast becoming a popular practice.

According to the woman, men were fascinated by women with big backsides and it was also good for dancing.

The video has since gone viral with many people expressing their worry over the things people would do just to look pretty.

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This follows reports of people bleaching their lips with ‘Akpeteshie’ and also reports of people engaging in liposuction to get the desired body figure.


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