Wendy Shay allegedly caught in bed n*ked with Bullet?

Rufftown records Bullet

According to Ghanafuo.com, it has gathered from a credible source that new Afro-pop sensation Wendy Shay has been having an affair with Rufftown Records manager, Bullet.

The insiders told Ghanafuo.com under the condition of anonymity that on June 1 this year, they ( insiders) were at the Sowutuom Police Station to bail an inmate when they saw Bullet head into the station followed by a fair middle-aged lady to lodge a report.

wendy shay and bullet
Wendy Shay and her manager Bullet

They alleged to have seen Wendy Shay in the backseat of Bullet’s car looking very worried as the report was being made.

Wendy Shay, it is believed, once asked the woman “How does it feel to go out with a popular guy?”

Further investigations by the insiders revealed the bombshell that Bullet had been caught by the woman in question with the singer [Wendy Shay] in bed n*ked, to which Wendy vehemently denied.

The woman is said to be an ex-lover of Bullet who had flown in from Europe to surprise him only to be met with the unpleasant surprise of the singer n*ked in bed with her manager.

A scuffle, it is said, ensued which led the woman daring Bullet to try and beat her again for the fifth time since they began dating spanning over five years.

The woman is also revealed to have caught Bullet in the same bed – she had bought together with Bullet – with the late Ebony and another white lady.

She is said to have consistently suffered abuse from him which had left her in hospital admission for several times but she always kept the issue to herself.

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Bullet’s ex is also believed to have said the artiste manager constantly abused the late Ebony Reigns by beating her up when she failed to meet certain deadlines on her songs.

Our sources claim the woman is said to have invested a lot of money into projects by Bullet and is believed to have asked Wendy Shay “So this is the man you want” and told him “You will be imprisoned even if you are popular and try beating me again“.

Bullet it is claimed said, “Wendy Shay is my girl, and I can do what I want with her“.

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The source also claims the woman in question looked like the lady who escorted and sat by him during the burial service of the late Ebony Reigns.

bullet and wife


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