Wedding Bells: Fella Makafui finally set to marry

Fella Makafui finally set to marry |

YOLO actress Fella Makafui shared a nice photo of her on Instagram, and wrote a caption that she was ready to take the last name of someone who had stolen her heart; a popular phrase used to describe marriage in recent times.

According to the actress, she believes taking the person’s last name is the best revenge she could have on him stealing her heart.

She wrote: “He stole my heart so i am planning a revenge…. I am going to take his last name… ..”

Her fans and followers have reacted massively to this post, with many of them asking questions about who that “lucky guy” is, and if she is indeed going to get married.

For instance, Jose, asked plainly if Fella is getting married.

joselucas.pbs: “Your getting married?”

Kay simply commented “wedding bells”.

perp_kay: “Wedding bells.”

Seidu wanted to know the one who stole Fella’s heart.

seidurashidatu35: “Who stole your heart.”

Berri perhaps wanted to be the wedding planner for Fella.

hanarshberri: “Lol that’s the best revenge….. @fellamakafui tell me who’s your revenge planner?”

Edjust thanked God for Fella’s upcoming wedding.

edjustdrive: “God is good…”

An event management company, 705 events, was already appealing for a contract to organize Fella’s wedding.

705events: “Congrats.,please sist that your event coming up soon, i mean your wedding because as he stole your heart your revenge is to seal the deal ,please let me plan and coordinate the revenge game. I am doing it for free and you will see for yourself how good I know my job. Please grant me this opportunity to showcase my talent. Thanks. @fellamakafui”

Olori also commented that wedding bell is ringing for Fella.

olori_awolowo: “This is caption! Are u cooking something @fellamakafui wedding bell is ringing.”

Ray believes the wedding is long overdue.

agemanray4388: “A subtle hint? What took him so long ? You’re such a sweetheart .”

Jstorm wrote that Fella’s husband to be is lucky.

iam_jstorm: “Dat revenge is on a Damn lucky guy!!!”

There are many other comments from her fans which show that Fella Makafui is indeed loved and cherished by her followers.

Her wedding announcement follows another major announcement she made weeks ago about

Meanwhile, Fella Makafui has been in the news recently following some controversies including an ‘adult’ video said to be leaked by an angry boyfriend.

However, she debunked the reports, saying that she is not the one in the video. Fella has also been under fire on social media for what fans called poor dressing on her part.

She was also accused of dressing in “rags” to an event in Accra. Fella Makafui has recently opened a new bigger shop for her wine business.


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