Watch: Nima Muslim lesbians engaging themselves hits social media

A video making waves on the social media depicts two ladies, Safura Aminu and one Fati who, according to sources are Nima Muslims engaging themselves with a promise ring.

In the viral video, the two were seen lovingly hugging after Safura put the ring on the other girl’s (Fati) finger; a sign of union. The video was captioned: “Tanks bby”.

Lesbianism is an act abominable in Ghana and among Muslim communities, such things are seen as sacred and in some countries punishable by death.

But these girls who are residents of Nima careless about the consequences and the implications associated with it took it a notch higher by broadcasting the act on social media.

The video has however got Ghanaians talking, raining all sort of insults on them.

Check the video and photos of the ladies below:

Safura Aminu photos

safaru aminu
Safaru Aminu
safaru aminu lesbian | Airnewsonline
 Nima Muslim lesbians
lesbian safaru aminu | Airnewsonline
 Nima Muslim lesbians

Fati’s photos

fati lesbian in nima | Airnewsonline
nima lesbian fati
Alleged Nima lesbian Fati
nima lesbian Fati airnewsonline
Alleged Nima lesbian Fati


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