Tyler Perry gifts house to mother of actor he hired 20 years ago

Tyler Perry gifts house to mother of actor he hired 20 years ago Airnewsonline

Hollywood actor, playwright, and filmmaker Tyler Perry continue to touch lives and this time he bought a house for the mother of actor, LaShun Pace he hired 20 years ago.

Tyler Perry reportedly dropped $350,000 on a home in Georgia, for the ailing mother of actor, LaShun Pace, who worked with him on a play all the way back in 1999.

While the duo stayed in touch ever since they worked on a play Perry wrote and co-produced two decades ago, it was further gathered that Tyler’s connection to the Pace family runs deep.

According to TMZ, LaShun’s family makes up a Gospel group, and Tyler had added one of their songs in “Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Family Reunion.”

After the Movie executive learnt that Bettie Pace had fallen ill and her dying wish was to own a home big enough for her large family, he stepped up and bought a property close to where the Paces were born and raised in Atlanta.

This isn’t the first time Tyler Perry will be on such a heartwarming act. The movie producer who stays in touch with a lot of his actors bought a car for Tiffany Haddish few months ago.

A gift that left Tiff speechless.


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