Tony Lithur lists 5 things that convinced him Nana Oye Lithur was cheating on him

tony lithur and oye lithur

As earlier reported, Tony Lithur is claiming their marriage has broken down beyond repair and his continuous stay in the marriage would only cause him pain.

Among many other reasons Mr Lithur cited for the divorce, he has accused Nana Oye of especially their household staff. More seriously he accused his wife of infidelity and even went ahead to name those sleeping with his wife.

So what really convinced Mr Lithur to come to the conclusion that Nana Oye was cheating on him?

Well, Tony Lithur, being the renowned lawyer we know him to be, gave a background of situations which may have led him to make such a conclusion.

1. Lengthy calls at odd hours:

In Mr Lithur’s petition, he pointed out that Nana Oye has been receiving calls at odd hours which last more than ordinary calls.

Initially, he claimed, the calls had been from one Samuel Cudjoe but later, another man known as James Yankah whom he described as Nana Oye’s ‘childhood sweetheart’ also started calling her at such times.

These calls, he said, often happened in his presence.

2. Nana Oye hosting Samuel Cudjoe to dinner while he was away:

Mr Lithur claimed that his wife invited Samuel Cudjoe to their house while he travelled abroad.

After he returned, he was told that the two were seen in compromising position after they had dined together and alone.

The incident, he said, was common knowledge in their household.

3. Warning from Samuel Cudjoe’s wife:

The rumours of an affair between Nana Oye and Samuel Cudjoe have been so prominent that Cudjoe’s wife once asked Mr Lithur himself to warn Nana Oye to stay clear of her husband.

This, Lithur explained, happened when they visited the Cudjoe’s house for a party and he was too embarrassed to confront Nana Oye over the matter.

4. Nana Oye keeping James Yankah around despite he clearly expressing his displeasure:

According to Tony Lithur, he got know Nana Oye and James Yankah had reconnected after she came home late one day with the excuse that she had gone to the transport yard to pick James who was returning to Accra from a trip to Cape Coast.

After explicitly registering his disapproval of the situation, Mr Lithur claims he went to Nana Oye’s office unannounced some days later to find her in a cosy chat with James.

Lithur further claims Nana Oye even invited James to a birthday party organised by their daughter’s uncle in London and he got to know of it only through the photos from the party.

5. Endearing text messages between Nana Oye and James Yankah:

Moreover, Mr Lithur claimed to have come across some of the text message exchanges between Nana Oye and Yankah which could only mean they were seeing each other.

Some of the exchanges, he described, were “very endearing text messages between the two of them that were quite unsettling.”

If the divorce goes through, it will bring an end to almost three decades of marriage.

The two have been married for 27 years, customarily on April 14, 1991 before going under the Ordinance at the Christ the King Catholic Church in Accra on January 16, 1997.



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