There’s no law against shooting ‘atopa’ movies in Ghana – Socrates Safo

no law against shooting 'atopa' movies

Ghanaian filmmaker and entertainment critic and pundit, Socrates Sarfo, has revealed in an interview that there’s no law in Ghana stopping anyone from shooting ‘atopa’ movies, even though he wouldn’t venture into that business himself.

However, the Ghanaian society frowns on indecent public exposure and the law criminalizes it in any form.

Speaking on Zylofon FM Wednesday, September 27, 2018, the Director for Creative Arts of Ghana, Socrates Sarfo made it clear that the law is only against the public exhibition of pornography and not it’s making.

“There’s no law against the shooting of Pornography in Ghana, but you can’t show/exhibit it in public…. In a way, they’re telling you not to shoot it because if you can shoot it and not exhibit it in public then how will that work?” he stated.

Socrates Sarfo also added that “It’s just like SEC instructing Menzgold to suspend their gold vault and then saying they can pay the profits to their customers, how will that work…… I’m not saying anyone should go into p0rn, because there is also a law which can cause your arrest if you’re caught in the act of shooting”.

Mr. Socrates Sarfo has in times received a lot of public backlash for most of the movies he produced basically due to the excessive nature of the adult content and the sort of titles he gave to the movies. His movie, Hot Fork, caused a huge social media uproar.


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