Tehoda reinstated, promoted to Chief Superintendent

gifty tehoda reinstated

DSP Gifty Tehoda, who was dismissed from the Ghana Police Service in 2012 for her alleged involvement in the cocaine-turned-baking soda saga, has been reinstated and promoted to the rank of Chief Superintendent.

Her reinstatement comes after she was cleared from any wrongdoing by the Human Rights Court in Accra, on Friday, March 31, 2018.

DSP Tehoda’s case began on September 27, 2011, when one Nana Ama Martins was arrested for possessing large parcels of a substance suspected to be cocaine, which later mysteriously turned into bicarbonate or baking soda, in police custody.

DSP Gifty Tehoda was linked with the disappearance of the cocaine after it was found that the stuff had turned into baking soda.

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Subsequently, she was interdicted and dismissed from the Police Service for after she was accused of being involved with the disappearance of the cocaine. However, DSP Tehoda appealed her dismissal in court and was cleared of any wrongdoing by a Circuit Court.

DSP Tehoda sued the Ghana Police Service for wrongful dismissal, and prayed the court, among other things, to compel the service to reinstate her. She has now been reinstated into the Police Service and also promoted to the rank of Chief Superintendent.

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The court also awarded a cost of GHS23,000 in damages and cost against the Police Service.

In addition, the court ordered that she be compensated with GHS5,000 and GHS10,000 respectively, for her 45-day detention at the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI).


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