20-year-old Offset’s mistress, Summer B is allegedly pregnant

Social media users attack Summer Bunni

Summer Bunni, the young Instagram model who Cardi B’s husband Offset allegedly had an affair with is reportedly pregnant.

On December 4, Cardi B announced that she and Offset were separating after 14 months of marriage in a confessional video posted to Instagram.

Airnewsonline.com has sighted an exclusive leaked text messages between Summer and her friend where she confirms that she’s pregnant.

She doesn’t specifically name Offset as her baby’s father. But she is reportedly 9 weeks pregnant – meaning she conceived in September.

According to Summer’s previous statements, she was messing with Cardi’s husband around that time.

Summer B, a few days ago revealed that Offset also had s£x with Cardi B’s best friend Star Brim, before the latter went to jail.

According to Summer Bunni, she and Cuban Doll are not the only people who had an affair with Offset while he was married to Cardi B.

Star Brim and Cardi B | Airnewsonline
Star Brim and Cardi B 

Star Brim and Cardi B are reportedly close and Cardi has constantly made it clear that she will fight anyone for Star, who is currently in prison on credit card fraud charges.

Check out the leaked chat below:

Summer Bunni pregnant leaked chat | Airnewsonline
20-year-old Offset’s mistress, Summer Bunni is allegedly pregnant


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