Showing my pu$$y in photo shoots pay all my bills despite the insults – Actress (+18 Photos)

Jessica Larny photos

Model and actress, Jessica Larny, has become a victim of public backlash after she declared herself as a boudoir photography model.

According to the model, she is not perturbed because that pays her even more than acting.

Thus, Jessica Larny who calls herself an actress in her interaction with the media has revealed that she is a nude photo model (boudoir shoots) because it pays a lot comparable to acting.

Boudoir photography is a photographic style featuring intimate, romantic, and sometimes erotic images of its subjects in a photographic studio, bedroom or private dressing room environment, primarily intended for the private enjoyment of the subject and his or her romantic partners.

This is what has earned her insults, but according to Jessica, what she earned in a shoot was much bigger than what she made from acting in Ghana the whole year.

“See, the truth is that actors in Ghana are not being paid well, we are taken for granted and those who will pay you will even delay the payment. She said, in an interview with Graphic Showbiz.

“How do they expect us to feed? You work and you virtually have to beg to be paid money that is due you, I mean how?

“Ever since I came out to talk about the boudoir shoots and posted pictures on my social media handles, people have come out to insult and call me all kinds of names.

“Those who cannot get to me personally, send me messages in my inbox saying all kinds of things to me but I do not care.

“I need to fend for myself and my family so instead of selling my body to do that, I engage in something that I have passion for.

“If going half-naked or doing these shoots will put food on my table which it does anyway, I will do it, it is also a job,” she told Showbiz.

Asked how frequently she got offers to do the boudoir shoots, Jessica said, “for this year alone, I have done three jobs and they are huge ones, I did one in Kenya, Ghana and London.

“For the acting, I have done a number of them which came through recommendations or from producers or directors who watched my work but the bottom line is that boudoir shoots pay my bills.”

Jessica Larny, who is also a masseuse, says she will be embarking on a stress-free campaign where she intends to educate people on the need to take massage seriously as a stress reliever.

“In this part of our world, unfortunately for us, all we know is work and if we want to take time off and de-stress, it has to be taking a vacation to go and drink, eat, dance etc but the stress has to do with the body, the nerves etc.

“They are the parts that are affected so we have to take massage seriously. Next week, I am starting my first massage session by going to the homes of celebrities and giving them massages.”

A graduate of the Central University College, Jessica Larny is a Miss Teen Ghana. She has featured in movies such as Stalemate, True Lies, I Do and The Table and has also played roles in a number of series which have aired on TV and online.

See some of her photos below:

Jessica Larnya
Jessica Larnya

semi nude pics pay my bills

Jessica Larny airnewsonline
 Semi-nude shoots pay my bills – Jessica Larny
 Semi-nude shoots pay my bills – Jessica Larny
Semi-nude shoots pay my bills Jessica Larny
Semi-nude shoots pay my bills


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