Queenie Sami finally breaks silence over her relationship with Medikal

Xandy Kamel reveals secrets Medikal Queenie Samie

Samira, popularly known on Instagram as Queenie Sami has finally cleared the air about her being Medikal’s side chick.

According to her, she has never had a physical contact with the AMG rapper and will never be his side chick or his ex-girlfriend.

Queenie Sami, however, confirmed the chats circulating on social media are real. 

She took to Instagram to debunk the rumours saying:

I will start by saying sorry to the people who personally know and know the kind of person I am. About them knowing I will never get myself in something soo messy since I’m a very calm girl and always minding my business soo they may be a lil bit disappointed in me.

I would also like to say thank you to those who texted me personally to know how things are. And especially a big thanks to @xandykamel for defending me in the hands of these bloggers.

Many would be disappointed in me because I’m a very private person and I keep stuff to myself. Something that was meant to be “oh I’ve had the same experience before” turned out to be soo messy because bloggers are everywhere.

Thanks to everyone also who text me privately even without knowing me personally to tell me “everything will be fine.”. Thanks and a very big sorry.💗❤️


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