No Chair Syndrome: Pupils of Sokabiisi in Bolga sit on bare floor to study

pupils sit bare floor

Sokabiisi Primary School is the latest to be brought to the spotlight that lacks basic infrastructure and teaching and learning materials.

Sokabiisi Primary School has a total enrollment of 257, however, pupils in the six -unit classroom block have no furniture.

According to a report by, the school which is located in Bolgatanga in the Upper East region has pupils often studying on the bare floor due to a lack of chairs.

Sokabiisi Primary School sit bare floor to study
Sokabiisi Primary School sit bare floor to study

The pupils neither have tables and so are forced to hold their books while studying.


This situation has negatively affected teaching and learning, the school’s authorities said.

They are, therefore, calling on the government to come to the school’s aid to help provide them with furniture.

Pictures from the report show the pupils dressed in the school uniforms and sitting on the bare floor in their classrooms.

Meanwhile, their colleagues in Abolato Primary School in the Bolga East District of the Upper East Region are not any better.

Pupils of the school also often use cement blocks as tables, due to government’s inability to provide the school with furniture.

Even more worrying is the fact that nursery kids are also made to sit on mats under a Baobab tree for lessons.


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