VIDEO: Prophet Kobi dares to beat up anyone who comes to his church to collect tax

Prophet Kobi dares to beat up anyone who comes to his church to collect church tax

The founder of Glorious Waves Chapel international Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi has threatened to beat up any Ghana Revenue Authority employee who comes to his church to collect tax.

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The government is considering to start taxing various churches in the country, how some religious leaders have revealed their displeasure, while some pastors have expressed willingness to pay church taxes should such a policy be enforced in the country.

Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, in his latest sermon, stated unequivocally to beat up any GRA employee who come to his church with the intention of taking money as church tax.

Prophet Kobi revealed that, after the 2016 elections, one politician called him on phone and told him about a colleague politician who is on the verge of dying when the results for his constituency was declared but got saved after he prayed for the said person.

According to the man of God, this same person he saved from death through prayers is now spearheading the campaign to tax churches in Ghana.

He further added that he wouldn’t keep mute for politicians in Ghana to use the church for their personal gains but he would rather use his capacity to fight politicians who plan to implement the church tax.

Watch the video below:


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