Princess Shyngle hospitalised after suicide attempt

Princess Shyngle
Princess Shyngle

Ghana-based Gambian actress Princess Shyngle has been hospitalised in Nigeria after attempting to commit suicide early this morning, has gathered.

According to multiple reports, the actress and Instagram model took an overdose of a medication and drank bleach.

Fortunately, The Gambian Princess was rescued by a neighbour, who rushed her to Vedic Life care Hospital in Lekki.

Shyngle is currently in the emergency room because she was brought in in a critical condition.

Princess Shyngle hospitalised suicide attempt | Airnewsonline
Princess Shyngle hospitalised after suicide attempt

The doctors have been able to stabilize her for now, but her blood pressure keeps going up.

The motivation behind her action is unknown for now.

But if you recollect, the actress gave a recent interview where she mentioned that she was broke at a point in time, after spending all her money to look good for the people.

And that it took the timely intervention of her parents for her to retrace her steps.

Princess Shyngle suicide thoughts was first brought to light when she spoke in an interview with The Pulse in 2017 on how she easily bears the thoughts of taking her life, especially when things don’t seem to go in her favour.


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