Ashanti Region: Policeman shot dead by armed robbers

Lance Corporal Daniel Tieku
Lance Corporal Daniel Tieku

Lance Corporal Daniel Tieku who sustained a severe gunshot wound after he was shot by armed robbers has been confirmed dead according to information gathered by

The cop with service number No 50613 succumbed to the gunshot wound at the St Martin’s Hospital at Agroyesum in the Ashanti Region where he was on admission receiving treatment.

It was reported on Thursday that armed robbers attacked two policemen, overpowered them and seized two AK 47 rifles with 30 rounds of ammunition each leaving one seriously injured.

The cops were among passengers travelling on sprinter bus with registration no GC 644-15 with passengers onboard from Manso Kumpeses to Manso Nkwanta on Wednesday Morning.

On reaching a section of the road between Manso Ayirebikrom and Manso Nkwanta they were attacked and robbed by 8 masked armed men dressed in imitated military uniforms, all wielding Ak 47 rifles who had ambushed them.

In the ensuing gun firing the driver of the vehicle and some passenger’s sustained injuries.

Corporal Eric Nsiah and Lance Corporal Daniel Tieku of the Ashanti Regional Special Weapon And Tactics [SWAT] unit armed with 2 Ak 47 rifles with 30 rounds of ammunition each who were also onboard the sprinter from Kumpese to Nkwanta were also attacked, overpowered and their rifles were taken from them.

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Lance Corporal Daniel Tieku sustained serious gunshot wound in the process and was rushed to St Martin’s Hospital at Agroyesum but died later on admission.


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