Police boss dies during marathon intimacy with side chick in his office

Police boss dies during marathon sex intimacy

One of Nigeria’s senior police officers reportedly his life last Friday during a marathon sexual intercourse with an illicit lover in his office at the Ikeja Police College in Lagos State.

Prior to his sudden death, the officer identified only as Sunday was in charge of the Works Department of the Police College and is due to retire next month, according to reports.

The single mother of two with whom the deceased Superintendent of police had been having sex with before his death was detained by detectives and she narrated the incident.

She said: “He always used to have sex with me in his office.

“He had already gone once, but as usual, he was not satisfied.

“In fact, I told him on that day that the drugs he used to take anytime we want to have sex is not too good for my body.

“I didn’t like it because I was the person that used to bear the brunt of it.

“He would be pounding into me for a very long time and because of the drug.

“He usually takes long to come.

“On that fateful day, after he went first on the round, he refused to allow me to dress.

“He started playing with me until his manhood became turgid again.

“He then started pounding into me again.”

She revealed that it only came to her notice that something had gone wrong when the officer’s tongue began to protrude and foams emanating from his mouth.

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She quickly ran out and started screaming for help, with her brassieres dangling.

Yabaleftonline.ng reported that by the time people arrived, the recently promoted officer had already passed away.

Superintendent Sunday’s subordinates are reported to have said that the deceased officer was fond of bringing different women into his office for sex, including pestering new female recruits with sex demands.

His body has been deposited at Ikeja General Hospital for an autopsy.


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