Photos of ‘sakawa’ boy who allegedly used Charlotte Abena Woodey for ‘juju’ pop up

Photos of the ‘Sakawa’ boyfriend alleged to have used Charlotte Abena Woodey for money rituals have pop up on social media.

Abena Woodey died after a short illness last week, and some of her Slay Queen friends have suggested that there was used for money rituals.

The young man whose name is yet to be verified was spotted in a video, cruising in a car with Abena Woodey, when she was alive.

The slay queen was seen dancing as she self-recorded and was seen with an iPhone on her lap.

abena woodey sakawa boyfriend

Some social media have claimed that the iPhone on her lap which was captured in the video was used by the alleged ‘sakawa’ boy (internet fraudster) to lure her.

Sources claim the boy later used her for rituals, leading to her death.

One of the photos of the alleged boyfriend of the late slay queen showed him posing close to a Mercedes Benz.

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He has, however, come out to distance himself from Abena Woodey’s death and has made it clear that he had no hand whatsoever in the unfortunate incident but rather went to show support.

One Facebook user also claimed that Abena Woodey died after she went in for the boyfriend of a certain lady and was cursed as a result.

charlotte abena woodey sakawa boyfriend

Her last video which was sighted on Facebook showed when she was full of life and while celebrating her birthday with friends.

Another video believed to be the last she took saw her sitting in front of a house and appeared to be in pain.


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