Photos: KNUST students demo over ‘brutalities’ turns violent, cars vandalized

Scores of students of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) who are staging a demonstration on campus against what they say is brutalities at the university have turned violent destroying lots of vehicles and other properties.

At least one student was injured and 11 others were arrested after students clashed with internal security personnel of the school Sunday.

The rumpus ensued after the school authorities accused the students of engaging in illegal ‘morale’ activities which included drumming during a hall week celebration.

knust students demo

The campus of KNUST has been relatively rowdy following the conversion of some all-male halls into mixed ones.

Reacting to the developments the Public Relations Officer of the KNUST Kwame Yeboah told Morning Starr Monday that the authorities of the school are in firm control of affairs at the school despite the agitations.

“The school authorities have not lost control of students. Not at all. Before Friday, everything was just fine. Just this morning, I received a message from someone telling me the school authorities will see FIRE.

KNUST demo over brutalities turns violent
 KNUST demo over brutalities turns violent

The one who sent the message is in the US and he sent me the text message just this morning. The drums have been given back to the students. There was an individual who brought the drums to the students and was arrested,” he told Francis Abban.

KNUST students demo over brutalities turns violent | Airnewsonline
 KNUST students demo over brutalities turns violent
 KNUST students demo over brutalities turns violent


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