Watch: Obinim performs ‘spiritual operation’; removes wig from inside woman in video

Bishop Obinim flies and vanishes |

Founder and leader of the International God’s Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim, has caused another stir on social media in a latest video showing a miracle he performed on a woman after appearing in her dream.

The popular pastor who was preaching at one branch of his church was listening to testimonies when the woman, together with her sister, came to tell the good thing that had been done for them.

In narrating the incident, the woman recounted that she had been living in Nigeria when she took ill and had to be brought to Ghana.

According to her, they visited a lot of shrines and hospitals for answers to their problem after the lady’s stomach started to bloat.

She said that one day, the stomach burst open and a yellowish liquid started oozing out of it. She claimed the substance acted like acid since it was able to soften clothes and eventually force them to tear.

The elder sister of the lady, sensing danger, asked them to join in Obinim’s service to seek a solution. They were then given some oil and made to go home.

The lady said she drank some of the oil and when she slept, ‘angel’ Obinim appeared in her dream and performed a ‘spiritual’ operation on her.

She added that when she woke up, she felt some sharp pain around her abdomen and when she went to the washroom, a full human head covered with hair was birthed out of her.

While giving the testimony, she showed the healed scar from which the strange human head came from.


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