Nigerians should stop celebrating criminals – 2Baba

Nigerians should stop celebrating criminals 2Baba
2Baba Idibia

Nigeria singer and record producer Innocent Ujah Idibia, known by his stage name 2Baba (formerly 2face Idibia), has urged Nigerians to stop celebrating criminals.

The popular afro-pop artiste who shared his thoughts on the forthcoming general elections in Nigerian in an interview with Showtime advised the youths to desist from celebrating criminally-minded politicians who are only out to loot public funds.

“My advice to the youths is that we should begin to celebrate what is right.

We should stop celebrating criminals; we should stop hyping people that have done nothing to benefit us.

Imagine, someone wakes one morning and suddenly becomes a Senator with a lot of money; people will begin to celebrate him/her even when he has done nothing for his people. When you campaign for votes and you finally win, you’ve to have something to show for those votes. So, we need to begin to celebrate people who are genuine and not criminals.”, he said.

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2Baba also said he is hopeful that Nigerians would not be deceived by political antics again, he wished for peaceful, credible elections.

He said;

“I hope so because that would depend on the electorate.

I’m hoping that Nigerians will understand that politicians should not use them again; I’m hoping that they would understand that these people will tell their usual stories, but we also should tell our own story this time around.”

The “African Queen” hitmaker also advised the government to improve on communication with the masses, saying when people don’t know what is happening, they tend to talk and they tend to argue.

“My advice is that they should speak to the people more, they should let us know what’s happening. When people don’t know what’s happening they tend to talk, they tend to argue.

When we hear something in the news tomorrow we don’t even know if it’s the truth or a lie because the government doesn’t even talk to us; we don’t even know what’s going on.

And that is a major issue; they should let the people know what’s going on, so, that the people can participate and be actively involved in the governance of the nation. The government should carry the people along”


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