Nation Builders Corps officially launched

President Akufo-Addo today, May 1, launched the Nation Builders Corps to tackle graduate unemployment in the country.

Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) is a major programme which will initially operate seven modules designed to meet the pressing needs of the nation while providing jobs for the graduate unemployed youth who have received a tertiary education but are struggling to find jobs.

The modules in Nation Builders Corps are Feed Ghana, Educate Ghana, Revenue Ghana, Heal Ghana, Enterprise Ghana, Digitise Ghana and Civic Ghana.

Feed Ghana

This is the module where the NABCO trainees will serve as Agric extension officers to help our farmers. By this, Trained Agricultural extension officers and other allied workers in the “Feed Ghana” programme will provide extensive support to farmers. E-agriculture and the dissemination of scientific knowledge, mechanization centres, and seed and fertilizer programmes, the District Centres for Agricultural Transformation, District Warehouse and logistical management, offer immediate pointers for engagement of NABCO personnel.

Educate Ghana

Graduate teachers in the “Educate Ghana” programme will focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and other relevant subjects in primary and secondary schools across the country. Also, with the expansion of early childhood facilities and its mainstreaming with basic education, skills upgrading of NABCO trainees could offer possible permanent jobs in kindergartens and preschool settings.

Revenue Ghana

Tertiary graduates in the “Revenue Ghana” programme could provide a workforce and minimal technology solution to generate the requisite revenue for the development of Ghana. The GRA as a matter of urgency requires an action plan to address the challenges of revenue mobilization. The GRA has indicated a staffing support need of about 6000 personnel on the NABCO scheme.

Heal Ghana

Trained nurses and other healthcare workers who are unemployed will be employed in this programme to provide healthcare delivery to deprived and rural communities across Ghana. Critical sectors such as emergency medicine and ambulance services as well as first aid are possible areas for the engagement of NABCO trainees

Enterprise Ghana

Enterprise Ghana is the NABCO’s module designed to assist with the effort to industrialise all parts of the country. NABCO trainees will work in the district industrial drive under the One District One Factory initiative, Health and Safety regime of Ghana and Export Promotion under the One District One Product campaign (Ghana Exports Promotion, Ghana EXIM Bank and Ministry of Business Development to train and engage ‘Made in Ghana Ambassadors’).

Digitise Ghana

This module offers an opportunity for the delivery of a number of flagship initiatives: National Identification scheme, Digital Addresses for every location in Ghana, Land Title and Land Administration, Health and Safety monitoring solutions in our industrialization drive (e.g. mines, factories, oil and gas), standardize Ghana (Ghana Standards Authority), Archival and digitization at Registrar-Generals Department, Birth and Death Registry, Passport Application Centres, as well as research, monitoring and evaluation hubs within Development Authorities to assist in recording and tracking progress of both the user sectors and projects, as well as the progress of NABCO personnel.

Civic Ghana

Civic Ghana is designed to provide some resource base at the District and Constituency level. Through this governance scheme, graduates shall be trained to assist within the constituency and district level, programmes that come under the purview of the development authority and the local authority. The aim is to bring government to the people in the most simplified and collaborative way.

Nabco modules
NABCO Modules

Nation Builders Corps: How To Apply

  • Applicants will have to visit
  • To qualify, an applicant must have completed National Service and obtained a certificate.

Module Qualification

To qualify, an applicant must have obtained a post-secondary education with a diploma or degree relevant to their preferred module. The following qualifications are required:

  • Educate Ghana: open to all graduates but those that majored in education, science, computer science, engineering, and mathematics will be encouraged to apply because of the strong focus on “STEM”
  • Heal Ghana: open to graduates with healthcare training. We encourage trained nurses, midwives, medical laboratory technicians, pharmacy technicians and others to apply.
  • Feed Ghana: open to graduates with certificates, diplomas and degrees in agricultural disciplines and food sciences are encouraged to apply
  • Civic Ghana: open to all tertiary graduates of any discipline
  • Revenue Ghana: open to all tertiary graduates of any discipline
  • Digitise Ghana: open to all tertiary graduates of any discipline but those with an ICT background are strongly encouraged to apply
  • Enterprise Ghana: open to all tertiary graduates of any discipline

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