Midland Savings and Loans apologises to brutalised nursing mother

Police brutality at Midlands saving and Loans

The Management of Midland Savings and Loans has issued an unqualified apology to a customer who was recorded being brutalised by a police officer at their premises in a viral video that has caused outrage on social media.

A statement issued by the management of Midland Savings and Loans confirmed that the incident took place at one of their branches. It also condemned in no uncertain terms the act of brutality meted out to the customer.

“We wish to render an unqualified apology to the customer in question and the general public for the uncivilized act,” the statement said.

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“We have reported the matter to the police for the necessary action to be taken to ensure our client gets justice.

“We want to assure the public that we are an institution that really cares about the welfare and safety of our customers”.

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Watch the video here:


  1. Funny were you not there when the incident took place?
    Now you guys has realized it will collapse your so-called savings and loans. You all must face the law because you employed the services of that inhuman police personnel. He might act by your instructions.
    You will deceive innocent people to bring their coins without any stress but when they need their money back you guys would allowed these innocent customers go through unnecessary stress.
    May youg face the law

  2. DImaging the so called police office falling down by fighting a woman, what if this was a man? The idiot should thank his God if he has one because people like him is either pagan or hatest. I see this kind of unprofessional in policing as abuse to the police authority. The idiot should be sack for treating nursing mother like this.


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