Menzgold customers threaten to consult ‘Nogokpo’ Shrine

Menzgold customers threatens to consult Nogokpo shrine

Some agitated customers of the defunct gold trading firm, Menzgold have threatened to consult Nogokpo a popular deity in the Volta Region, if their monies are not refunded to them.

The decision by the Gold dealership company to close its operations on Friday, October 5, 2018, after it had promised to pay customers their monies raged the aggrieved customers to storm the Zylofon Media office at East Legon (a subsidiary of Menzgold) to register their frustrations.

Several customers were unable to retrieve their monies despite receiving messages to come for it. According to the customers, management of the company must be credible with the scheduling of payments.

A customer who spoke to Ghanaweb said, “Some of us have been diplomatic enough to calm people down but as humans we all have limits and we are getting there. Things that concern money need to be addressed with tact and that is what we’ve done initially. We don’t want these numerous schedules that are not being followed, the tomorrow thing it too much”.

Another customer who spoke to the Media on anonymity revealed that they have resorted to seek vengeance from Nogokpo because the truancy and deceptions of Menzgold is long overdue. A number of clients have vowed to take legal actions against the company in order to attain their monies back.

“There are several avenues opened to us, people who want to create anarchy are there, those of us who want to follow the legal suit are also there, people who want to go to Nogokpo are also there. Some have decided to go spiritual but we just want this issue addressed once and for all,” the customer fumed.

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Management of Menzgold say they will communicate the way forward on Monday, October 8 2018.

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