Medikal buys brand new Audi A8 for Fella Makafui [Watch Video]

Medikal buys Audi A8 for Fella Makafui worth 82k

How much is your too much money? Well, Medikal just answered this question as he buys a brand new Audi A8 for his new lover Fella Makafui.

A few days ago, there was a video circulating on social media where an alleged ex-lover of Fella Makafui was seen siezing cars he bought for the YOLO actress Fella.

In the new video in possession of, show Fella stunned and surprised when she saw her name customized on the brand new Audi A8.

Breaking the news to his fans on Twitter, MDK posted the video with the caption:

“Just got my babe an Audi A8 ! Love is Gungsta 😊❤️”

Medikal buys Audi A8 for Fella Makafui 85k | Airnewsonline
Medikal buys Audi A8 for Fella Makafui

Fella is alleged to have snatched Medikal from Sister Derby with her huge ‘backside’. However, rapper Medikal popularly known as MDK has rubbished such rumours.

Medikal surprises Fella brand new Audi A8 | Airnewsonline

Others also think their relationship is a mere social media hype. It’s about time people saw the light because Medikal is ‘Beyond Kontrol’.

Watch the video below:


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