LinkedIn adds voice messaging feature to its mobile app

linkedin voice messaging

LinkedIn has introduced a new voice messaging service called LinkedIn Messaging that’s built into the latest version of its mobile app.

The voice recording feature gives users the ability to record and send audio messages up to one minute long.

It will roll out to all users over the coming weeks and is available via the iOS or Android app.

“Voice messaging is rolling out now in the LinkedIn app on iOS and Android, and you can receive voice messages on mobile and on web. This feature will be available globally to all members in the next few weeks.

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We hope this makes it easier than ever to communicate when you want, how you want with your professional community” LinkedIn announced.

linkedin messaging
The new LinkedIn Messaging app

How to use LinkedIn Messaging

Voice messages are recorded by tapping the microphone icon on the mobile messaging keyboard. Users then tap and hold the microphone symbol in the circle to record their voice message and release their finger to send.

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The business networking platform is touting voice messages as an easier way to communicate when you’re on the go or multi-tasking, but many account holders will likely be wary of the feature given the already high volume of unsolicited messages sent over LinkedIn.

LinkedIn, which was purchased by Microsoft in 2016, now has 562 million users.


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