Kasoa ‘chamber pot’ Judge transferred

Kasoa Magistrate court judge
Judge Felicia Gandezi

The judge at the Kasoa Magistrate court who made news after she claimed that she uses chamber pot to ease herself during court sessions has been transferred, the Kasoa Municipal Chief Executive has said.

Felicia Gandezi told the Chief Justice, who had visited the Kasoa court as part of her working visit to courts around the country, that she has had to use the chamber pot on daily basis as she dispenses justice to people.

The claim of the judge has become a matter of public discussion prompting a denial by the Kasoa Municipal Chief Executive.

“I have seen with shock some news making rounds that there are no washrooms at the Kasoa district court. The Assembly together with the said court occupied a rented residential facility at Krispol city in Kasoa. When I took over, I realized the place was so congested. The assembly’s offices were so uncomfortable and even some officers including some heads of departments had no offices. The courtroom and offices were so small and the registerer operated from the kitchen of the rented residential facility. The judge’s office was without a fan and very uncomfortable. The rent charge per month was GHC12,000.00.

“… All these arrangements were done to save cost and also to have a more comfortable place. Prior to the relocation, I personally contacted the Judge to have her delegation form part of the relocation arrangement so as to assist the Municipal works Engineer to make the place fit for use by the court. In fact, there was no issue on toilet facility for the Judge as she already had one. She only wanted a persistent flow of water since the water flow at the complex then was intermittent,” MCE Michael Mensah said in a statement.

Mr. Mensah also revealed that in a subsequent interview that the judge has been transferred from Kasoa.

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“I’m informed that she has been transferred from the area. She is no longer in the area. We know we have many problems to deal with at Kasoa and we need the courts but when I heard that incident I was shocked because it couldn’t have been true,” he said.


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