Juliet Ibrahim slams Iceberg Slim over his infamous towel photo

Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim has posted on social media what seems to be a subtle reaction to the trending viral photo of her ex-boyfriend, Iceberg Slim whose photo went viral over the weekend.

However, there has been no confirmation from the two whether their relationship is over, several posts made by the actress seems to suggest that she’s over with the Nigerian musician.

In the viral photo, Iceberg Slim is seen clad in a singlet and a towel but with his “distin” firmly imprinted in the towel.

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Social media users have sarcastically suggested that Juliet Ibrahim left the relationship because she was tired of taking the “distin”, looking at the size and height as we can imagine based on the photo but it seems, it could be far from that.

Juliet Ibrahim slams Iceberg Slim

Juliet Ibrahim sent out a cryptic message on social media in response to the trending photo. She wrote, “My silence doesn’t mean I agree with you, it means your level of stupidity rendered me speechless”. 


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