Judicial Service bans phones, cameras in court rooms

Judicial Service bans phones

The Judicial Service has banned the use of mobile phones and other electronic devices in the courtroom.

The announcement follows few days after a decision by a Magistrate at a District Court to order the seizure of mobile phones belonging to some journalists who were in court to cover the trial of the Chief Executive of Obengfo hospital.

The move according to her, was to prevent the journalists from recording court proceedings.

Her action was preceded by a similar one during an earlier hearing of the case, where she instructed journalists to report to the registrar of her court to seek clearance before accessing the court.

A memo issued by the court stated that “it has come to the notice of the Management of Judicial Service that some Court Users make and receive phone calls and record court proceedings with their Mobile Phones, Electronic Devices, Recorders, Tablets and Cameras while court is in session.

“To regulate the use of these devices, Management has therefore decided as follows:-

“1. Court Users are to put all their Mobile Phones, Electronic Devices, Recorders, Tablets and Cameras before they enter the Court Room.

“2. Court Users are not allowed to use Electronic Devices, Mobile Phones, Recorders, Tablets and Cameras to record or snap court proceedings or any court document without the permission of the Judicial Secretary

“All Judges, magistrates and Registrars should ensure that Court Users comply with these directives with immediate effect.”


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