Joyce Dzidzor Mensah strips nakked, curses Ghanaians in new video

Joyce Dzidzor Mensah curses ghanaians

Former HIV/AIDS Ambassador and mentally unhinged Joyce Dzidzor Mensah is back to her usual antics.

Dzidzor often alternates between her calm lucid self and her mentally disturbed self. The same lady would threaten to kill herself and her three kids then later calmly deconstruct the destructive influence religion has on Africa.

Thus we are never surprised to see anything she does but this morning she’s outdone herself with a new video upload.

Mensah has taken to her Facebook page and rained curses on Ghanaians, recounting all the ‘suffering’ she believes has been unfairly heaped on her.

In the video, Dzidzor is decked out in nothing but her underwear (bra and panties) as she cries out.

The actress has a bottle of schnapps as she curses everyone who she perceives to have harmed her, including the government of Ghana, the Ghana AIDS Commission, and even bloggers who write about her insanity.

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It’s another week and time for more drama from Joyce.

Watch the video below…


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