GRA locks up Metro TV for Gh¢2.3m tax default

Officials from Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), on Wednesday morning, locked up the private television station, Metro TV for defaulting taxes worth GH¢2.3 million.

The GRA officials, who stormed the station’s premises at Labone, ordered all staff to leave their offices before the place was locked.

tax amnesty

The Head of Education and Public Affairs at the GRA, Kwasi Bobie-Ansah, who led the tax enforcement team, including some police officers, said the action was to compel the station to make some payment of the amount they owe the state.

“We conducted an audit and we came up with a debt total of 2.3 million cedis made up of pay as you earn (deduction from workers salaries) and VAT. From 2014 to 2018, they have not met the payment. So we executed a distress action.” Kwasi Bobie-Ansah said.

Tax amnesty

Mr Bobbie Ansah said, “This is not a one-off project. It is a continuous thing. We are serious about collecting taxes to develop this country.

metro tv tax default

We have developed a tax amnesty. Companies who are owing have the opportunity to come forward and register. We wish to remind the public that we will come against companies after October 31,” he added.

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This is the second time the GRA has shut down Metro TV with the former one being in December 2017.

Sources at Metro TV say the previous owners are to blame for the current situation because they failed to inform the new owner about the debt.


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