Evangelist Addai ‘exposes’ deep secrets behind the death of Abass Blinks

Evangelist Addai exposes deep secrets behind the death of Abass Blinks

As expected, Evangelist Emmanuel Addai, the controversial USA based Ghanaian social media Evangelist has waded into the death of the Kumawood actor, Abass Nurudeen popularly known in Showbiz as Blinkz.

According to Evangelist Addai, Abass was killed by the Illuminati after they used him to fulfil their own agenda. Explaining, Addai claims Abass was an Illuminati member in Ghana but he was only a foot soldier in the occult group.

The leaders of the occult group used him to project their agenda of projecting marijuana as a bad product. Because of that, they made Abass play the role of a wicked man/Killer in movies where he always acts wicked after smoking marijuana.

Needing a sacrifice, the Illuminati planned and got him killed as a sacrifice to their gods. Although Addai’s statements make no sense to any intelligent person, he went on and talked about how the Illuminati needs a Christmas sacrifice and they chose Abass.

He ended up describing Abass’ death as a “Perfect kill”…such madness from someone calling himself Evangelist.

For Evangelist Addai, every rich man/woman, Celebrity or a famous person is an Illuminati. Interestingly every bad situation was caused by the Illuminati.

He has been described as a madman by most people who know him. His father recently came out to apologize to Ghanaians for his son’s abnormal behaviour.


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